5 Warning Signs That Your Sprinkler System Is in Need of Repair

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Sprinkler systems take the guesswork and time commitment out of yard maintenance. You never have to worry about watering your lawn or your flower beds, and everything looks green and lush.

But that doesn’t mean you can take an irrigation system for granted.

A sprinkler system that’s not working properly can waste 25,000 gallons of water in a year. That’s enough water to fill a large in-ground pool.

Luckily, once you know the sprinkler repair warning signs, you can catch any problems early.

Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired

water geyser from broken sprinkler head1. Sputtering Sprinkler Heads

Sprinklers that sound like they’re coughing or sputtering is a sign of a problem with your system. It could point to an issue with the system pressurization or the main valve or a seal. Something as simple as a clogged sprinkler head can cause sputtering.

If you have noticed this issue, call for repairs as soon as you can. Since many sprinkler systems run when the homeowners are away from home or sleeping, it’s a difficult sign to catch. Plus, it’s hard to tell how long it’s been happening.

Sputtering sprinklers might not seem like an issue, but it could overwater your grass or under-water your plants. You might notice soggy grass patches or patches of brown grass with hard soil underneath it. You’ll probably find these patches near a sprinkler head.

2. A Soggy Lawn

Have you noticed puddles in your yard lately? Unless there’s been heavy rain recently, a soggy yard can point to an issue with your sprinklers.

If there’s a pool of water around a sprinkler head, it could be broken, clogged, or rotated in the wrong direction. If there’s a pool of water but no sprinkler head, you could have a cracked water line in your irrigation system.

It’s important to get your sprinklers repaired because overwatering is actually worse for the grass than under-watering.

When your lawn gets too much water, your grass will have a shallow root system. Your grass won’t be able to fight off insects or disease or weather a drought. With too little water, your lawn goes dormant but a good rain will revive it.

3. An Unusually Expensive Water Bill

It’s normal for your water bill to fluctuate from month to month. Higher water bills in the summer are common, especially if you’ve been washing vehicles, filling kiddy pools, or watering a garden.

If you haven’t been using more water than usual and you don’t have any dripping faucets indoors, it could be a problem with your sprinklers.

If it is an issue with your sprinkler, you could have a leak in a water line. The sprinkler valve might just be stuck in the on position. Your system might also need reprogramming to adjust the timing and water amounts for the summer.

You should contact a company that can repair sprinkler systems as soon as possible. They can check the system for problems and give it a tuneup.

4. Sprinkler Heads Have Uneven Pressure

Every head in a functioning sprinkler system should spray the same amount of water and use the same amount of pressure. Consistent and even watering is what keeps your lawn and garden looking healthy.

You should never have heads that bubble, dribble, cough, or shoot out jets of water. Those are all symptoms of a pressure issue.

Over time it can lead to over or under-watered grass or plants. In extreme cases, under-pressurized water could flood parts of your yard while over-pressurized water could damage outdoor furniture or cause injuries.

The main valve or regulator might be to blame, but it’s best to call a technician to make sure.

Vehicle tires with too much air in them wear out sooner and the same principle applies to sprinklers. If there’s too much pressure in the system, it can make the parts wear out faster. It can crack the water lines in the system or damage the sprinkler heads.

5. Dry or Brown Patches of Grass

While pet urine, fungus, and fertilizer treatments can all cause brown grass, it can also be a sign of a sprinkler issue.

When your sprinkler system is working, you shouldn’t have dry patches. The system is designed to water the yard evenly. If your lawn isn’t getting enough water in certain patches, you could have a blocked sprinkler head or a pressure issue.

If you let the problem go too long, you might need to replace the patch with sod or plant new grass seed. Either way, this will cost extra money and the grass might not match the rest of your lawn. Even if you don’t need to replace the grass or reseed it, it can take weeks to revive the grass.

Whether the sprinkler head is totally clogged or the head isn’t spraying water on all sides, a sprinkler repair specialist can get to the bottom of the issue. It might just need cleaning or replaced with a new head.

If you notice lots of brown grass, a technician might need to adjust the timers. It’s best to water early in the morning or at night. If your sprinklers come on in the hot midday sun, most of the water will evaporate instead of soaking into the ground.

Hire a Sprinkler Repair Professional Today

An irrigation system can keep your lawn and garden looking healthy and beautiful. While it is a low-maintenance watering solution, you might need sprinkler repair from time to time.

When you notice any of the above issues, reach out to a professional before it leads to more expensive repairs.

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