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Dallas county has its fair share of rain throughout the year. When water is building up around your home’s foundation, flower beds, or any other area on your property, you can trust J Bell to solve the issue for you promptly. We offer the following drainage systems based on your individual needs:

French Drains – These are the most common drainage solutions and provide a simple underground system that allows water to flow from one end of the property to another. This eliminates unwanted water pooling.

Catch Basins – These work well to draw in large amounts of water at one time. It is also equipped to take in and filter debris to keep your drainage system working at its best for years to come.

Sump Pumps – When your property has a negative grade, gravity and the natural pressure of the drainage system may not be enough to remove the water. With a sump pump, its commercial and durable design, can almost instantly remove the water from any area on your property. These pumps force water through the drains and keep the problematic pooling from happening.

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