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Standing water on your property can cause all kinds of issues, including increased risk of flooding, soil erosion, and problems with mosquitos and other pests. Catch basins are a great solution for poor yard drainage and ensure that excess water quickly moves away from your house. J Bell Services is ready to help evaluate your standing water issue and put together a plan to properly drain surface runoff water.

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What are Catch Basins?

Catch basin beneath downspout

Catch basins are large drains placed in low areas of your property to capture surface runoff water, typically from a rainstorm. From the surface you will see a simple grate, but below the ground, there will be a large concrete box that the water drains into. Once the water is collected in the basin, it then pushes itself through downspout drains or storm sewers.

What are the Benefits of a Catch Basin?

  • Improves landscaping – Having standing water can lead to soggy soil and unwanted insect growth. Plants and trees can die due to too much water and beneath the surface, mold and mildew can eat away at roots and cause foul odors to surface.
  • Protects your home's foundation – When your home has a positive grade, water will pool and can cause substantial foundation movement and deterioration. A catch basin is designed to have the water move away swiftly from the home and can alleviate these potential foundation issues.
  • Improves your home's resale value – Solving ongoing issues in a home will provide peace of mind to any buyer. When you disclose that you had a professional drainage system installed on your property, the prospective buyer will know you took the extra care needed to ensure the property was well taken care of. This information alone will provide confidence in anyone who may be interested in purchasing your home.

How are Catch Basins Installed?

Here is a brief overview of how our Dallas drainage experts install catch basins:

  • Planning stage - We'll perform a thorough inspection of your property to assess the extent of your drainage issues, the slope of your land, and the number and size of catch basins that will be needed for maximum impact.
  • Excavation - After we've determined the specifications of your project, we'll begin digging the hole for the basin(s), which will typically be located directly beneath a downspout or in the lowest point of your yard so that gravity can direct water where it needs to go.
  • Installation - Once the hole is prepared, we'll install the basin, ensuring that it is level and properly positioned.

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