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"J Bell Services installs our Christmas lighting every year, and they do a great job."


J Bell Services installs our Christmas lighting every year, and they do a great job. The house looks lovely, the installers are professional, and they do a good job removing the lights when the holidays are over. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs great holiday light installation.

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"I started out with J Bell three years ago when I needed some work done on my sprinklers."


I started out with J Bell three years ago when I needed some work done on my sprinklers. They have always been efficient and quick and getting the job done. This year I am doing Christmas lights and I am very excited to see the outcome! I highly recommend J Bell and whatever Your needs are!

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If homeowners or business owners in Texas encounter issues with their irrigation systems, the first point of contact is typically Jingle Bell Lighting. Our sprinkler repair company is fully licensed and insured in Bedford, TX and has been serving the Tarrant County community for over 15 years. Our team of highly experienced and professionally trained technicians can diagnose and repair all types of issues, regardless of the system, such as Hunter Rachio, Rainbird, Weathermatic, and Toro. We will perform a comprehensive inspection of your irrigation system, accurately detect and correct any problems, and have your sprinklers operational again in no time. Trust Jingle Bell Lighting for the most reliable and cost-effective sprinkler repair services available.

Signs You Need to Schedule an Appointment with a Bedford, TX Sprinkler Repair Company

Proper irrigation is crucial for maintaining a green, healthy landscape, especially in Texas. A functioning sprinkler system can make watering your yard much easier, but like anything else, it can develop issues. Even seemingly minor problems can cause significant damage to your yard and result in wasted water and money. If left unchecked, these issues can escalate, leading to even more serious headaches and costly repairs.

To prevent damage to your Tarrant County landscape, it’s crucial to be aware of the signs that your irrigation system needs to be fixed. Contacting a professional sprinkler repair service in Bedford, TX is essential if you notice any of the following warning signs:

Dry Grass and Wilting Plants

If you notice dry spots appearing on your once lush and green lawn, and your previously healthy plants starting to wilt and die, your irrigation system could be the culprit. Without sufficient water, grass and plants cannot thrive, and the effects of reduced water supply will become visible in no time. There could be various reasons for the lack of water, such as blockages in the system, issues with sprinkler heads, or problems with the water pressure. Regardless of the cause, as soon as you observe your lawn and plants suffering, it’s crucial to contact a Bedford, TX sprinkler repair company.

Waiting too long to address the issue could make things worse, and you may end up having to replace your entire landscape. Therefore, it’s essential to act fast and get professional help to identify and fix the problem before it’s too late. Remember, grass and plants need adequate water to survive and thrive, so don’t hesitate to call for help at the first sign of trouble.


Soggy Spots

Are pools of water appearing in the middle of your Tarrant County yard, even though it hasn’t rained? If so, your irrigation system could be the source of the problem. Over-watering is just as for your landscape as under-watering, as too much water can literally drown and kill your grass and plants. Damaged grass and plants are just one concern, as pooling water can damage exterior structures and even your house; for example, if the water is pooling in your driveway, the concrete could sustain serious damages that require costly repair. If you act fast and contact a Bedford, TX sprinkler repair company as soon as you notice soggy spots in your yard, you can avoid more extensive damage and exorbitant repairs. A reputable sprinkler repair service will determine if, in fact, there is an issue with your irrigation system, and if so, will make the necessary corrections.

Sprinkler Head Issues

If the sprinkler heads aren’t functioning properly – they aren’t spraying in the direction they’re supposed to, they aren’t rotating, or water is dribbling or spraying out of them too quickly, for example – that’s certainly a cause for concern. Sprinkler head issues can be the result of debris build-up, a pressure or valve problem, or the heads themselves could be damaged. If the sprinkler heads are acting up, schedule an appointment with a Bedford, TX sprinkler repair service ASAP.

Sky-High Water Bills

Skyrocketing water bills can be an indication that something is wrong with your irrigation system. The pressure regulator or control valve could be damaged, or there may be a leak somewhere in the system. These issues can result in more water consumption, and more water consumption will lead to higher bills. A Bedford, TX sprinkler repair technician will be able to determine if your rising water bills are due to issues with your irrigation system.

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