6 Common Sprinkler Repair Problems Forest Hill, TX Experience

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J Bell Services installs our Christmas lighting every year, and they do a great job. The house looks lovely, the installers are professional, and they do a good job removing the lights when the holidays are over. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs great holiday light installation.

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"I started out with J Bell three years ago when I needed some work done on my sprinklers."


I started out with J Bell three years ago when I needed some work done on my sprinklers. They have always been efficient and quick and getting the job done. This year I am doing Christmas lights and I am very excited to see the outcome! I highly recommend J Bell and whatever Your needs are!

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Look no further if you are searching for an affordable and dependable sprinkler repair company in Forest Hill, TX. Jingle Bell Lighting, a top-notch specialist in Forest Hill, TX, has been assisting property owners in Tarrant County in preserving the beauty of their landscapes since 2008. Our crew of expertly trained technicians specializes in repairing the most sought-after irrigation system brands such as Rainbird, Hunter Rachio, Raindail, Toro, and Weathermatic, and is capable of identifying and correcting all types of issues. When it comes to dependable sprinkler repair services in Forest Hill, TX, Jingle Bell Lighting is the go-to choice!

6 Common Sprinkler Repair Issues in Forest Hill, TX

As a Tarrant County homeowner, you likely depend on an irrigation system to maintain the lushness of your lawn and the beauty of your plants. Despite the convenience and ease of your sprinkler system, you may not be giving it the attention it requires because you assume it will always function correctly. However, like any other system, an irrigation system can experience problems, resulting in potential costly repairs and damage to your landscape. So, what are some of the typical issues that can occur? The following are some of the most frequent problems with irrigation systems. If you’re encountering any of these concerns, don’t hesitate to contact a trustworthy Forest Hill, TX sprinkler repair service without delay!

Pressure Issues

Irrigation systems are often susceptible to water pressure issues, such as excessively high or low pressure. High pressure can result in forceful and excessive water output, leading to damage to both your Tarrant County landscape and your sprinkler system. This can also lead to an increase in your utility bills. On the other hand, low pressure can result in insufficient water supply to your lawn and gardens, causing further damage to the system. If you’re experiencing water pressure problems, whether it’s too high or too low, it’s critical to contact a reliable Forest Hill, TX sprinkler repair company as soon as possible.



Leaking irrigation systems can lead to inadequate water supply to your grass and plants, resulting in them not receiving the water necessary to thrive. Besides, leaks can cause puddles to form in your yard, leading to additional problems. Therefore, irrigation system leaks are severe concerns that need to be dealt with promptly. If you detect any leaking water, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, it is essential to contact a Forest Hill, TX sprinkler repair expert immediately.

A Defective Control System

An irrigation system comprises several components, each playing a crucial role. However, the control system is the most critical component as it acts as the system’s “brain.” The control system regulates the sprinkler system’s on and off function, ensures the appropriate amount of water distribution, and activates all the mechanisms required to keep the system running efficiently. As the control system performs so many vital functions, it needs to be in proper working order; otherwise, various issues could arise.

One way to know if the control system is malfunctioning is when your irrigation system isn’t functioning correctly. If your system fails to turn on and/or off as expected, it’s best to contact a Forest Hill, TX sprinkler repair specialist immediately.

Reliable Sprinkler Repair Services for All Your Irrigation System Issues

No matter what the issue may be, when you need a reliable company that specializes in sprinkler repair, contact the pros that Tarrant County residents trust most: Jingle Bell Lighting. In the more than 15 years that we have been in business, we have successfully corrected the irrigation systems of dozens of Tarrant County residents, and we’re confident that we can do the same for you. To request a free estimate, give us a call at 214-960-5692.

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