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The positioning of the lights around your home can accent your property's texture, shapes, and architectural features. At J Bell Services, we can help you beautify your home or business by bringing attention to the often hidden features of your building or home. By using uplights, we can draw the eyes of onlookers to features you hope to highlight while creating depth across a nighttime landscape. There are many options for uplighting placement and positioning, which can create a modernizing and dramatic effect on the exterior of your home or office.

Our Dallas uplighting curb appeal specialists are trained professionals ready to provide great lighting solutions and excellent customer service! Contact us today at (214) 307-8783 to schedule an appointment.

What is Uplighting?

Uplighting is a lighting technique where directional or well lights are placed in an upward cast to highlight architectural features and landscaping. Uplights are typically installed under trees in an upward direction. These lights shine directly on a wall or greenery to highlight architectural features or landscaping details. A well-designed uplighting strategy can elegantly illuminate your landscaping and exterior structures. Lights can be strategically placed to focus on beautiful beds of perennials or striking stained glass windows. If your home or business landscape includes unique trees or garden features you’d like to highlight, then uplights are the lighting choice for you. Effective uplighting is subtle, accents focal points, and creates massive curb appeal. It also increases property values and positively impacts the safety of your home or office.

Residential Uplighting Can Improve Curb Appeal

When done right, uplighting can add depth and dimension to the landscape and exteriors of your home or business. Many home or business owners may start their landscape lighting strategy by adding a few well-placed uplights on trees throughout their property, but there’s no reason to stop there. Uplighting can be added to shrubs, bushes, and other lawn elements. The Dallas uplighting curb appeal specialists at J Bell Services can answer all of your questions and help you design the perfect plan for your lawn and garden. If you already have a strategy in place, our lighting specialists can recommend high-quality products, tips, and tricks to ensure your final project meets your goals.

Our Dallas uplighting curb appeal specialists can use custom lighting to:

  • Draw eyes to your landscape by creating shadows and visual variety
  • Create depth to flat surfaces like walls and lawn elements
  • Improve the safety and security of your home

Curb appeal is essentially a broad term for the attractiveness of your home from afar. Many factors contribute to curb appeal, such as your fences, gates, lawn, flowers, porches, windows, and exterior doors.

Curb appeal is important because it:

  • Increases the Value of Your Home: When you’re ready to sell your home, curb appeal can make the difference between a quick sale and your home languishing on the market for a long time. The longer your home sits on the market, the more money you stand to lose.
  • Impresses Guests and Friends: When someone arrives at your home, you want to make the right impression. Lovely fittings and a clean home and lawn will improve the appearance of your home, and professional landscaping can push your home’s appeal into the stratosphere.
  • Increases Safety: Curb appeal basically means your home is tidy and clean without clutter and obstructions blocking walking paths and driveways.

Commercial Uplighting Can Help Your Business

Commercial properties don’t have to worry about curb appeal to sell their business, but a well-designed lighting strategy for your business can improve sales. The goal of improving the curb appeal of your business is to grab the attention of would-be customers and patrons. Uplighting can also highlight on-property advertising and landscaping around your building. The goal of uplighting your commercial property is to draw attention to your business because giving onlookers a reason to pay attention to your building will make the public curious about your company. Because commercial properties are often larger than most homes, it’s important to secure professional assistance when creating your lighting strategy. Too few lights can lead to an ineffective lighting design, but the right balance can showcase your building, business logo, and name.

Experienced Uplighting Specialists

The lighting experts at J Bell Services have served home and business owners in the DFW area since 2008, and our specialists excel at designing and installing eye-catching lighting solutions for properties of all sizes. When choosing J Bell Services, you can expect quality services delivered by trained and knowledgeable lighting specialists with an eye for design, detail, and precision. Our Dallas uplighting curb appeal specialists are committed to your satisfaction, which is why our job isn’t done until you’re pleased with the outcome. Customer satisfaction is our chief concern at J Bell Services, and it can be seen in our work! Your property is in good hands when we're on the job. Not only do we provide exceptional services at a fair price, but our specialists are also experienced and well-trained.

Contact us today at (214) 307-8783 to schedule an appointment.

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