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Planting and Plant Removal in Dallas

Bringing the Power of Plants to Life in Your Landscape

landscapingIndoor-outdoor living is all the rage these days, and the devil is truly in the details. Homeowners in Dallas take great pride in their landscapes, and they understand that a space fit to be a hospitable oasis and an entertainer’s dream requires more than a well-kept yard. At J Bell Services, we have always been passionate about the power of a beautiful outdoor landscape. We opened our doors in 2008 as a holiday lighting company and we have since evolved into one of the leading irrigation and lighting companies in Dallas. As part of perfecting the landscapes in the Dallas community, we offer planting and plant removal.

There are so many benefits to incorporating plants into your yard. Plants can offer additional privacy, a serene experience, a wonderful aroma, and reduced noise. If you are a nature lover, incorporating the right plants can even attract birds that will greet you with pleasant morning chirps. Plants truly appeal to all the senses, while boosting curb appeal at the same time.

If you see a professional plant installation in your future, call J Bell Services at (214) 307-8783 or contact us online!

What Is Professional Plant Installation?

No matter what kinds of plants you choose for your yard, the professional planters at J Bell Services will put our expertise to good use as we create a beautiful, functional space that is easy on the eyes and can even increase your property value. Nature is quite delicate, and if mistakes are made, she is not forgiving. Opting for a professional plant installation will help ensure that your plants can stand the test of time and can save you from problems like soil erosion down the line.

Each plant installation will be as different as each yard in our community, but a typical installation involves the following steps:

  • Marking out the desired areas. It is important for us to gain a full understanding of where your plants should go. We will carefully listen to your thoughts and ideas during this time and scope out any potential spots that would be desirable. This step will determine where your new plants bloom, so it is essential to get it right. Just like makeup can be applied to certain parts of the face to enhance and contour features, plants can be placed in certain parts of the yard to enhance its natural beauty. For the most flattering makeup results when you have a major event, it is best to hire a professional cosmetologist, and the same is true for the plants in your yard. Your yard is a major event in and of itself, and we have the expert eyes that are needed to bring it to life.
  • Freeing the area of the grass if necessary. If there is currently grass growing where there will soon be plants, the grass will need to be removed. This is another step that needs to be done properly. Otherwise, you risk removing organic material that is actually integral to the health of your yard. Furthermore, this step can be labor-intensive, which makes it a job that might be best left up to professionals.
  • Removing any debris and other obstacles. In order to give your plants the best chance to grow, they need to have access to the nutrients in the soil, which requires a clear path. The most important plant nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. However, they will not have a fair shot at absorbing these nutrients if there are rocks, roots, and other debris in the way. Our team will be diligent about removing these obstacles to help your plants live a long and healthy life.
  • Edging the new bed. Creating the perfect edge will keep your garden bed looking neat and clean. Well-defined lines are so powerful, and the last thing you want is a beautiful, blooming garden set in a jagged bed. We will precisely measure the dimensions of your new bed in order to make sure it is the perfect house for your new plants.
  • Spacing out the plants. The next step will be to space out the plants and make sure they will be placed to your liking. During this time, we will make sure the plants live up to the aesthetic appeal of your expectations. This is also our opportunity to make any changes in terms of the plants selected and the overall look of the garden, so we call this step the “view and review.”
  • Planting. Finally comes our favorite part of the process – the planting! After you have selected your favorite plants and we have primed your yard to perfection, it will be time for the planting to begin. It is ideal to carry out this step before the Dallas sun strikes in full summer force, but our flexible team can work under any conditions. This step might seem simple enough, but hiring a professional is a great way to improve drainage, pH levels, and will help guarantee quality soil condition over time.

Selecting Plants for Your Dallas Landscape

When choosing plants for your yard, it is important to make selections that will meet your needs and aesthetic expectations. While Dallas is known for our lively culture, attractions, art museums, parks, and thriving arts district, one thing we are not known for is our natural water supply. Dallas is highly prone to droughts, which means that homeowners cannot get away with relying on the rain to nourish their plants the same way that residents of a place like rainy New Orleans might be able to. It is important to keep this in mind when making plant selections.

Some of the best plants that homeowners in Dallas can enjoy despite the lack of rain include:

  • Gulf muhly. The gulf muhly is also known as the pink muhly and is famous for its beautiful, hazy pink blooms. It is a popular ornamental grass that is native to the state of Texas, making it perfectly adaptable for your yard in Dallas. Not only are these plants pretty in pink, but they can also help with pest and insect problems in your yard, and they can even keep deer at bay.
  • Dwarf adagio maiden grass. In contrast to their name, dwarf adagio maiden grass actually reaches as tall as three or four feet. As far as grass goes, this plant needs a lot of space to truly thrive. Luckily, the city of Dallas boasts plenty of large yards, so those who want to add a spruce of these bronze plumes can rejoice.
  • Red yucca. This is another plant whose name does not do it justice. Red yucca has linear lines that arise from the base and flower stalks that flow above the leaves with the breeze. To no surprise, the plant is known for its bright red color, so it can add a vivacious touch to any yard. Beyond that, it is low maintenance, which makes it great for Dallas weather.
  • Glossy abelia. Glossy abelia is a medium-sized, round, semi-evergreen shrub with arching branches, small glossy oval, dark green leaves, and clusters of pink, white, bell-shaped flowers. These flowers bloom in the sun, which makes them great for the heavy Dallas rays. Glossy abelias are also known for withstanding the wind thanks to their sturdiness, which is another reason they thrive in Dallas, one of the windiest cities in America.
  • Autumn sage. Autumn sage is a soft, mounding shrub that is usually around two or three feet tall. These flowers come in a multitude of colors, from red to pink, purple, orange, and white, so they are great for the homeowner who wants to add a touch of personalization to their yard. Not only is autumn sage relatively low maintenance, but it can handle long periods without rain. Plus, it’s native to Texas, so it will be right at home in your yard.
  • Liriope. Liriope is another great choice for lavender lovers. It is a petite plant that grows clusters of lily-like blooms in lavender or white in late summer. What is even more wonderful about these plants is that the flowers are followed by bluish black berries. Even though these berries are not technically poisonous, they can cause adverse symptoms like an upset stomach when consumed in large quantities. So, while liriope berries do not make a wonderful dinner, they are tolerant to dry conditions and are a great way to boost curb appeal.
  • Texas sage. Texas sage is often confused with the relaxing lavender plant, but unlike lavender that reigns from the Mediterranean, Texas sage was homegrown right here in our land. This sturdy, stunning foliage has been nicknamed the “Barometer Plant” because it blooms when the humidity rises, making it an ideal plant for Texas homes.
  • Nandina. Nandina has a gorgeous, lacy foliage that is similar to bamboo leaves. For this reason and because of its angelic aura, it has also been called “heavenly bamboo.” It grows bronze or rose in color and becomes green with age. Although, similar to bamboo, it is native to eastern Asia, it thrives in desert environments and is known for its ability to bloom in the sun.
  • Barberry. If you are looking to add bright, colorful foliage to your yard in Dallas, look no further than the beautiful barberry. Their bright red berries are a great way to elevate your yard, and the full color of the plant ranges from deep yellow to soft pink. Even though these plants look great in your yard, they are not very attractive to wandering deer and wildlife, which means they can help you enjoy their beauty for even longer.
  • Yellow lantana. Adding yellow lantana to your yard is like adding a burst of sunshine. It is a low-growing flower that is meant to cover large patches of the ground. Their flower power shines in the sun. That aspect, coupled with their ability to attract birds and butterflies, will make them a bright and beautiful addition to your Dallas yard.
  • Dwarf yaupon holly. A dwarf yaupon holly truly combines all the best parts of holly. The leaves are not as prickly as some of the more common holly bushes, and the berries can be even more vibrant. This ornamental fruit has an abundance of beautiful red berries and rich green leaves. Plus, this is a low maintenance holly plant that can be used as a hedge or for foundation planting.
  • Wavy cloak fern. This unique and spunky plant is great for the dry environments of Dallas. It is a semi-evergreen with thick green fronds. You truly have to see this fern to understand its impact. It grows about 12 to 18 inches tall, and even though wildlife generally avoids the plant, it has scales and lives a long life like a snake.

Benefits of Choosing Professional Plant Removal

All good things must come to an end, and that includes plants. When you need to say goodbye to your plants, our team is who you should call. Taking down plants on your own can be an intimidating and dangerous task, and it can even damage your property. If you attempt this on your own, you might find you have more on your plate than you can handle quite quickly. We are happy to relieve that burden for you through professional plant removal.

Sometimes, even if you are not ready to say goodbye to your trees or plants, it is necessary. If a tree or plant is dead, dying, hazardous, obstructive, or invasive, it would be wise to remove it before the problems worsen. Whether we need to bring out the brush chipping, wood removal, or stump grinding services, we are happy to supply the tools and skills necessary for big and small projects alike.

Plants are a great way to elevate the outdoor appearance of your home, but removing plants that do not need to be there can do the same. If done correctly, it is another way to increase the value of your home. However, it is not so simple as removing the unwanted plant and calling it a day. Every plant has roots, which means they leave debris behind when they go. Your yard will need a little TLC after the removal to get it back in the beautiful condition you deserve to see, and we are happy to take you through this process. Sometimes, the debris left behind can actually be put to good use, like wood for the fireplace or even holiday decorations if you like to get crafty.

If you need to rework your lawn after the plant is removed, you are in luck, because we bring twelve years of professional workmanship and excellent service to the table when it comes to landscaping. We provide prompt service, clear pricing, and clear communication in everything we do, and we will not be content with our work until you are content with your yard.

For professional planting and plant removal services in Dallas, call J Bell Services at (214) 307-8783 or contact us online.

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