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Sprinkler System Installation

New Sprinkler System Installation

J Bell Services offers a unique approach to installing new sprinkler systems. We craft each new sprinkler installation to meet our client’s specific needs. During your onsite walkthrough, your estimator will get a better understanding of what you are looking for. Once we walk the yard with you, we are then able to tailor a system to meet your needs. We send our rough draft to our designers who then provide us with an iron clad design that we will use for your installation.

How Long Does an Installation Take?

We want you to start enjoying your sprinkler system as soon as possible, which is why your J Bell Installation Team will work hard and diligently to get your system installed in no time. For standard residential homes, we can have the install completed within a day. For larger homes or homes with acreage, the install may take additional time, generally between two or three days. Your estimator will be able to share the timeline with you at the time of your estimate.

What are the Benefits of a New Sprinkler System?

Time, money and a lush green lawn all year long are just a few of the reason why a new lawn sprinkler system is worth the investment. Modern sprinkler systems are comprised of intricate workings such as water gauges, timers and moisture sensors. These all allow for your lawn to be watered at preferred times, optimal durations, and help control imprecise watering methods when done by hand. New systems promote water conservation and are specifically designed to water your lawn at an optimal amount all year long all while preventing unexpected water bill expenses.


The sheer convenience of having an automatic watering system is enough to persuade many homeowners into making the investment for a new sprinkler system. The ease of use of an automatic sprinkler system allows homeowners to not worry about finding the time needed to manually water their yards and allows for more freedom. You can take a summer vacation and not have to worry about your grass or plants dying!

Appropriate Coverage
Another benefit of having a lawn sprinkler system, is that you can rest easy knowing your lawn will always have the optimal hydration level. Studies show that watering your yard during the wee hours of the morning, helps keep the root system moist throughout the day and helps prevent excessive water evaporation throughout the day. With the integrated use of rain and freeze sensors, these will help automate your system even more and takes the guess work out of how much water is needed to get your grass and plants to the proper moisture level.

Water Conservation
When you water your lawn by hand, you direct water in concentrated areas and this often leads to over watering and root deterioration. With a lawn sprinkler system, you eliminate this and have a concise and accurate disbursement of water throughout your lawn. Not only will your lawn receive the amount of water it truly needs, but an efficient system will lower your overall water utility bill.


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