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Irrigation systems repairs and installations

New Sprinkler System Installation

We want you to start enjoying your new sprinkler system as soon as possible, which is why your Dallas sprinkler system installation team at J Bell Services will work hard and diligently to get your system installed in no time.

Sprinkler Repair

Same-Day & Next-Day Repairs for All Types of Sprinkler Systems

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the best option when you have flowerbeds or any areas that have specific watering needs. Whether it be trees, plants, or flowers, having a drip system installed will be the best option for you.

Sprinkler Service Plan

Our sprinkler service plans are designed to keep your sprinklers functioning perfectly 365 days a year, so they can always provide your landscaping with reliable and effective irrigation


If you have an irrigation systems, that means it’s imperative that you winterize your system well before the first freeze of the year to prevent damage.

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Customized Watering Solutions

Irrigation Systems in Dallas

Tired of having to water your lawn by hand with a garden hose? We don’t blame you. An irrigation systems is a great way to relieve yourself of this duty. While nothing beats the convenience of automatic watering, irrigation systems also provide the added benefits of more even coverage and reduced water waste, which is not only good for the environment, it saves you money too!

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How Often Does My Lawn Need to Be Watered?

You might be surprised by how often you need to water your grass, especially during the hot summer months here in the Dallas area. The average lawn needs at least one to one-and-a-half inches of water per week to stay healthy, which means it should be watered deeply about two or three times a week. If hauling out the garden hose three evenings a week doesn’t sound like your idea of relaxing after work, an irrigation systems is the solution you need.


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Do I Need a Sprinkler System?

An unhealthy lawn easily recognizable by its pale color, thin and scraggly grass blades, and visible patches of dry, cracked dirt. If your lawn is looking burnt-out or sparse, that’s a sign that your grass isn’t getting the right balance of nutrients and water.

​Installing an Irrigation System Provides Many Benefits, Including:
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A Lawn Sprinkler Contractor You Can Count On

J Bell Services has proudly served the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 2008, and in that time has grown to become one of the most trusted irrigation system contractors in the area. Customers choose us for our upfront pricing and clear communication, and stick with us because our results speak for themselves. 

If you’re looking to maintain a lush green lawn without a green thumb yourself, you can count on our Dallas irrigation team to set you up with an irrigation system that takes the guesswork out of when, how much, and how often to water.



J Bell Services strives for customer satisfaction! We have many happy customers who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at 214-960-5692.

They were professional and prompt in scheduling appointment and arriving on time.


I’m very satisfied with J Bell Services. They were professional and prompt in scheduling appointment and arriving on time. The work turned out to be a little more than was expected, but the guys they sent were able to locate a zone valve which had been hidden underneath synthetic grass. They also were able to locate and isolate a leak. Cost of the work seemed very reasonable. I would recommend and would use again.

Jhon William
Robert Drake

Very happy with their services and I would highly recommend!


Gabi & Merwin came out 2 weeks ago and found the leaks in our sprinkler system and repaired them on site. Both were wonderful and took the time to go through everything and answer all of my questions with patience and care. Very happy with their services and I would highly recommend!

Samantha William
Christina Judson
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