Dallas Sprinkler Winterization

Complete Over-Winter Protection for Your Sprinkler System

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we do occasionally experience winter temperatures that reach the freezing point of water. If you have an irrigation system, that means it’s imperative that you winterize your system well before the first freeze of the year to prevent damage. At J Bell Services, our team of Dallas sprinkler winterization experts are ready to help you complete this important home maintenance task.

We’ll Perform the Following Actions During Your Sprinkler Winterization Service:

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Why Is It Important to Winterize Your Irrigation System?

To understand why you need winterization for your sprinkler system, you need to understand how water reacts in freezing temperatures. When water freezes, it forms ice crystals that cause it to expand volumetrically. This means that if water is left in your pipes in freezing weather, it could place so much pressure on the pipe walls that they could burst. 

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Any water left in the sprinkler heads themselves can cause similar problems, damaging them irreparably and resulting in the need for replacement. The result when you turn your sprinklers on again in the spring is a leak that could impede your system’s ability to function and cost you a lot of money in wasted water and system repairs. If outdoor spigots are not winterized, you may find yourself with a potentially bigger problem when the ice thaws—a leak in your crawl space or near your foundation that could cause serious damage to your Dallas home. Don’t take any chances by skipping this important yearly service. With our Sprinkler Service Plan, you won’t need to worry about it!

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J Bell Services strives for customer satisfaction! We have many happy customers who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at 214-960-5692.

I am a satisfied customer and will not hesitate to call J Bell Service for all my irrigation needs.


Juan and Josh came out to inspect my sprinkler system and repair two broken sprinkler heads. They were very thorough and took the time to explain all the elements of the system. I feel like they were fair on their assessment of the repair. They verified the work and did a final walk through on the entire system. I am a satisfied customer and will not hesitate to call J Bell Service for all my irrigation needs.

Jhon William
Kelvin Versey

He finished the job in good time and ran all the stations to show they functioned properly.


I wanted my sprinkler heads checked and replaced if needed. Juan arrived on time and said he would check things out and give me an estimate. He showed me what he found and told me the price. He was professional and answered the questions I had. He finished the job in good time and ran all the stations to show they functioned properly. A good job done in good time.

Samantha William
Ruby Perry
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