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Sprinkler Repair in Dallas

Same-Day & Next-Day Repairs for All Types of Sprinkler Systems

When you notice that your sprinkler system is acting up, J Bell Services is the first name you should call. We are licensed irrigators through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and can repair ANY sprinkler issue you may have. Whether you have a PVC, copper, or other irrigation system that needs service or maintenance, we have you covered. If we can’t fix it, no one can, and we guarantee it!

We service all brands including:

  • Rainbird
  • Hunter Rachio
  • Raindail
  • Toro
  • Weathermatic
  • And more

When you need sprinkler repair in Dallas, make sure to contact your local sprinkler repair company, J Bell Services! Call (214) 307-8783.

Common Sprinkler Problems That Require Repair

If your sprinkler system doesn't seem to be working, chances are you may be experiencing one of these common issues:

  • Sprinkler leaks
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Broken wires
  • Valves not opening or closing
  • Malfunctioning double check valve

These can all be repaired quickly and efficiently for you by our experienced team. In addition to our lawn sprinkler repair services, we also offer spring activation, system tune-ups, additional stations, Wi-Fi controls, foundation drips, and even lawn sprinkler installation services.

What are the Major Components of an Irrigation System?

  • Double Check Valve: The double check is the gateway to your sprinkler system. It is the device that controls the water flow from your main water line. In the event of an emergency, leak or standard repair, the double check can be turned off to prevent the flow of water to the irrigation system, while still allowing water to flow into your home.
  • Valves: Irrigation systems have different zones that cover specific areas of your yard. Each of these zones are controlled by different valves that are dedicated for that specific zone. The valves are electric devices that are hardwired into your controller and open and close automatically according to the schedule programmed into your controller. If one of these valves sticks open or stays shut, you risk either having no water going to one of your zones, or water that will not shut off.
  • Controller: The controller is the heart of your irrigation system. It is what tells the valves when to open and for how long. Controllers allow you to set a specific schedule that suites your lawns specific watering needs. With modern controllers, you can link these to your homes Wi-Fi system and are then able to control your irrigation system through a home automation app.

We Carry Replacement Sprinkler Parts from Many Trusted Brands

At J Bell Services, we carry the most popular and most reliable parts for your irrigation system, including:

  • Rainbird ESP TM2 Controllers
  • Rainbird Rain & Freeze Sensors
  • Rainbird Wi-Fi adapters
  • Rainbird Pop -Up Heads
  • Hunter Pop – Up Heads
  • Hunter Wi-Fi Adapters
  • And many more!

If any of your components go out, give J Bell a call today and schedule one of our licensed Dallas sprinkler repair professionals to get your system back up and running again.

How Much Does Sprinkler Repair Cost?

We pride ourselves on our how fair we are when it comes to the price we charge for your sprinkler system repair. Though these fees can vary widely based on the extent and amount of work that your system may require, your J Bell Services technician will be clear and upfront about the prices we charge. Your technician will give you the most approximate estimate they can, so that you can make an educated decision on whether you would like to move forward or not with your irrigation system repair. To request an estimate tailored to your unique situation, simply give us a call.

Speak with one of our Dallas sprinkler repair technicians today by dialing (214) 307-8783.

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  • I’m sure I’ll use them again next year.

    “This is the second year I hired JBell to install Christmas lighting.”

    - Elizabeth S.
  • Overall very responsive and efficient.

    “Had Christmas lights installed. My quote and bidding was all done through email.”

    - Keri S.
  • I appreciate their work and professionalism. Excellent!!!

    “Isaiah and Merwin with J Bell Services did an excellent job of diagnosing and repairing two zones in my sprinkler system.”

    - Charles B.
  • Best in the neighborhood.

    “This is my third year with them. Always looks great.”

    - Bill F.
  • Got a lot of compliments from our neighbors.

    “Their prices are competitive and their services are professional and friendly.”

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