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We have found that using a higher quality product for our clients help them to save money and prevent future frustrations on repairs. The components we use for all sprinkler and lighting services are commercial grade and are designed to withstand the elements and wear and tare at a higher level than standard components used by our competitors.

LED lights use less energy, have a longer life span, and operate on a low voltage system making them much safer, affordable and durable than halogen or incandescent bulbs.

You do not have to lift a finger during the Christmas season! We install, maintain, remove and store the Christmas lights for you each season!

If for any reason your landscape lighting quit turning on, all you have to do is call our office and we will dispatch a service technician to be out to repair the system for you.

Yes, we offer a warranty for all sprinkler repairs, sprinkler installations, and landscape lighting work performed. Across the board, we provide a 90-day warranty, but if you have a new sprinkler system, you are covered for a one-year period.

In most cases, yes! We carry all of the tools and materials we need for any job in our trucks, so once you approve the guestimate, we are able to begin work right away!

We are unable to give a set time for how long a repair appointment will take. There are several components involved that determine how long the repair could take. Prior to starting work, your technician will share a guesstimate with you on how long he anticipates the work will take and which parts will be needed.

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