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Landscape Lighting in Fort Worth

Custom Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Your Home or Business

Beautifying your landscape and increasing the property value of your home is as easy as implementing a landscape lighting plan that compliments the architecture and design of your house. At J Bell Services, we are proud to offer customers a large selection of lighting fixtures and installation designs. 

We approach each project with customization and the individual goals our clients in mind. We realize not every property will benefit from the same lighting design, which is why we focus on how our Fort Worth landscape lighting professionals can illuminate and highlight the uniqueness of your home. 

When you contact our Fort Worth landscape lighting technicians, they will work with you to create a unique landscape lighting plan focused on enhancing the beauty and uniqueness of your house and landscape.

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What Are the Benefits of Adding Landscape Lighting to Your Fort Worth Property?

There are many benefits to adding a lighting scheme to your landscape design. Many homeowners add lighting to their landscapes for aesthetic reasons, but there are many additional reasons to illuminate your property. 

Adding lights to your trees, walkways, and home exterior will not only increase the beauty of your space but make it easier for visitors to navigate your property and for you to secure it. Your property is safer and more secure when dark corners are illuminated, deterring unwanted guests.

Landscape lighting has many property benefits:

  • Greater night visibility
  • Increased property values
  • More engaging outdoor environment
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Customizable and changeable

When considering whether you should add landscape lighting to your Fort Worth home, consider the many ways it could benefit your home’s beauty and value.

Types of Landscape Lighting

There are many choices in the landscape lighting market, so it can be overwhelming for homeowners trying to choose where to begin. At J Bell Services, we help customers implement their design vision by answering all of your questions and ensuring you have access to the best products to meet your goals.

Our Fort Worth landscape lighting team provides:

  • Canopy illumination
  • Downlighting
  • Floodlight illumination
  • Tree lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Waterfall lighting

Our team excels at incorporating the existing structures in your landscape with various lighting methods to create customized designs to make your home stand out from the rest.

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Landscape Lighting Goals: What to Consider Before Starting Your Project

When beginning a landscape lighting project, customers should consider several points before determining where to place their new lights and developing a strategy. 

Our Fort Worth landscape lighting professionals will help you:

  • Choose a Feature to Highlight: You can begin developing your strategy by choosing what feature of your landscape you’d like to highlight with your lighting strategy. Your lighting choices will depend greatly on what features you plan to highlight. For example, highlighting a trellis or architectural feature on your home will require different lighting than those needed to highlight a cobblestone feature.
  • Determine Whether You Need Directional Lighting: Are you planning to shine light down to bring attention to walkways or direct light up to feature elements away from the ground? It’s important to determine what you plan to feature and which direction your lighting needs to point to meet your goals.
  • Power Sources: How you plan to install your lights will determine the way they are powered. There is a large market of power solution available to landscape designers. From low maintenance lights to solar powered ones, it’s important to let the needs of the design plan guide the way for power sourcing. If your design goals will be best suited by hardwired lighting, then it’s best to know before purchasing products.

J Bell Services Provides Landscape Lighting Solutions in Fort Worth and Beyond

At J Bell Services, we provide customers with a wide selection of Fort Worth landscape lighting designs to beautify homes and provide practical and reliable security solutions to prevent falls and ward off unwanted guests. 

We proudly offer our customers access to some of the highest quality lighting products. From LED bulbs to beautiful high-end fixtures, our team focuses on affordable, top-quality solutions with a long history of successful installation and longevity. 

Our customers are pleased with their lighting designs and other services because we go above and beyond to ensure our technicians keep an open dialogue throughout the design and installation process. Plus, we fix the problem if a job is completed to a customer’s satisfaction!

The custom outdoor lighting technicians at J Bell Services are here to help. Call (214) 960-5692 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with our professional team today!

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