Get Your Backyard Summer Ready

Give Your Yard a Makeover

Outdoor entertainment is finally becoming safe again which means summer gatherings will be here before we know it. From bonfires to picnics, you want your yard to impress your guests. As you prepare to welcome friends and family to your home, it’s time to spruce up your backyard and get it back into hosting shape!

As a multi-faceted company with over a decade of experience, we’re here to provide you with a list of upgrades and repairs for your backyard.

Clean Up

Before you can begin making changes and upgrades to your backyard, it’s important to start with a clean slate! Take a walk around and gather sticks and rocks that have accumulated. Rake up any leaves and dispose of them.

If your porch or concrete pad has become dirty and grown moss and algae over the past few months, give it a good clean. A power wash can take care of years of staining and grime build-up on your pad, sidewalk, or driveway. It can also give new life to your siding!


When water gathers in your yard without proper drainage, it can cause an oversaturated and swampy area. Your guests won’t love ruining their shoes when they come over for a barbeque!

Additionally, excess water can damage the structural integrity of your house overtime.

There are a few drainage systems you could get installed to combat a soggy lawn and a threat to your home.

French Drains

The most common solution for drainage problems is a French drain. These long trenches contain a hidden, angled pipe that carries excess water away from the area and into a designated draining area.

Catch Basins

These are great at catching large amounts of water all at once. Because of their ability to trap big debris and sediment with a grate and contain them in a separate sump, these basins are less prone to sewer clogs.


Once your draining problems are taken care of, assess your lawn. If you’re experiencing bare or brown spots that are making the backyard look drab, consider a sod installation. A good installation team like ours at J Bell Services will take care of the prep and installation as we create a personalized lawn for your property.

Your new yard is sure to dazzle the neighbors and your summertime guests!


Your brand new grass is sure to need a good watering system. A new sprinkler system will keep it fed and looking beautiful!

If you already have a sprinkler system, consider getting them serviced or repaired now to ensure they’re in the best working condition they can be!

Looking to save water while keeping the plants happy? A drip irrigation system conserves water, lessens the opportunity for weed growth, and uniformly distributes water.


While the light of your bonfire may be fierce, it’s important to have updated lighting around the yard. This will keep you and your guests safe as you walk through an otherwise dark and tripping hazard-filled yard.

Other reasons to install landscape lighting are:

  • Added security
  • Higher property values
  • Creating a warm and welcoming environment
  • Adding personality to your property
Landscaping, Lighting, and Irrigation Services in Dallas

J Bell Services is committed to providing 5-star service to our clients in order to get you the property you’ve been dreaming of! Each yard we work on is unique and therefore so are our installations. You can be sure that our team will put care and thought into every repair or installation no matter how big or small! Give us a call at 214-960-5692 today to get started!


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